Scars That Heal

Their eyes run to and fro, they see only the outer shell

But what they don’t see, resides inside me, it’s what I’m afraid to tell


Their eyes see assured, confident, and fun

But they don’t know, that inside I see, a person who’s simply undone


So, they continue to laugh, mock, and poke fun, Not knowing it’s causing such pain

But to me, deep inside, it cuts and it scars, and I will never be the same


What to do? How to cope? Each day I wonder aloud

But I go back inside, the safety of darkness, and try to blend in with the crowd


Revelation came, an epiphany of sorts, and brought light to my darkness inside

Love like a cure, mended my wounds, and then proceeded to open my eyes


For the first time I saw, the truth of my soul, and shocked at what I beheld

I wasn’t so weak and scared as once thought, but felt bold in my story to tell


Now with boldness I stand and take on the tormenters, as for other victims they crave

I stand in their way, blocking their path, determined to be courageous and brave


I will not relent or give in to the crowd, as they take joy in destruction and tears

I know so full well, the scars that they leave, I’ve bore them for too many years


Bond together! Unite! Stand strong and let’s fight, understand the battle fully

For the scars deep inside, were not from a knife, but… the words of a teenage bully


This poem is about: 
Our world


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