Scars on her wrist that will never fade.
Her life story in one small space.
Tears in her eyes, and pain on her face.
Her broken heart will never be replaced.
Her dreams that were once here to stay,
has now been chased away.

Scars on her wrist that will always stay.
Scars that remind her of her past pain.
Tears like rain and anger like thunder,
she tries her best not to be pulled under.
The time has come, and now it’s to late,
her tortured soul can now reach her fate.

A tortured soul that has never been forgotten.
A red covered blade, has played it's deadly game.
With scars on her wrist, she finally took that risk.
Now her answer has been known, no more candles
to be blown.
Now an angel with a smile on her face a broken heart,
that has finally been replaced.

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