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Cold. That is how my feet feels right now. As if I was standing in a room filled with icy cold water that could only reach up to my ankles. I'm all covered in cuts and scars, feeling paranoid. I can feel the blood dripping out of my scars and I can hear it slowly dripping into the water. It's so cold I can't move. This so-called bright world isn't so bright, and people don't even realize it. The pain that we put eachother through, is exactly what being covered in bloody scars feel like. Everytime you do something bad to someone, you give them a scar. Everytime someone does something bad to you, they give you a scar. You might not see it and you might not feel it either, but it's there. It will always be there because you never forget all the bad things that people have done to you and they never forget all the bad things that you have done to other people. Every year, maybe even everyday, we lose blood. People who treat us wrong take our blood and they kill us inside. Then our souls become lost in a world we have never been before but we can still feel the left over blood that drizzles down our bodies and the scars are still there.This place is filled with icy cold water that could only reach up to your ankles and you can hear the blood slowly dripping into the water.The scars never leave. That is what pain feels like. And we deal with it everyday.

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