Sat, 09/28/2013 - 17:56 -- z_bines

Being scared is not all it's cracked up to be

the urge to feel prepared will always creep in my sleep

the piercing words form phrases aligned with beats

this dubious song replays in my mind

like an awkward experience from time to time

But it's real

Really hard to take your words for compliments

and these compliments 

only to be thrown at girls with confidence

But I need freedom

Freedom from the vigorant insecurities 

That are presented in my face everyday

Even though I don't need to hear what you say

I didn't ask for your comments

the same way you make me feel 

will come up like the vomit

you pressure out of your body

And putting me down is just a way you elude from your own problems

If you haven't noticed I have my own

But what you fail to realize is that I want to be left alone

Funny thing is mama used to say, "Don't let them talk to you like that. 

U betta say somthing to them before I say something back."

I'm learning that the words that people say about me are not fact

The least thing they can do is tell me how to dress, think, or act

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