Mon, 12/09/2019 - 18:10 -- Kia19

Scared… Time passing by;

Nothing left to do but just run and hide.

 But stating every week paranoia is killing me until I’m;

Dead inside. Intrusion, intrusion,

Break-in’s, thieves, but when does this 

All leave. 


Fear setting in a family of three with a dog 

You see The man, wife, little boy, and dog:

Passed a remarkable choice;

There was the low-cost option of,

pieces of broken glass embedded in cement along 

The top of the walls.

Whitewashed walls, uses the details of sensory;

Close your eyes and please think of this with me:

Like a dry leaf or fresh dry-wall.

Decorated with medium cat paws;

All the way up and down the wall.

Showing its comings and goings. 


The father’s confidence dimmed; 

Like the darkness of the riots;

He soon became ashamed, 

Saddened and weakened.

It was hard, 

the worries and fear crept in the mother; 

As the thieves of the darkness tied up: 

and frightened.

Imagination so confident; 

and nieve, but dangerous; 

It’s amazing how children’s minds can wander.

But be careful it’s scary what you might

Find, the mind of a child 

to find its confidence and misunderstandings.

If you’re wondering what the boy’s emotions were; 

we shall just say;

His ignorance was very bliss.


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