Scar Cream

When I say I have scars people ask if they can see

Of course I say no

No one can see my scars because there is nothing to see

My scars are the faded stretch marks from when I lost 65 pounds

My scars are the eating disorder that makes me feel fat and worthless

My scars are the kids who gave me cute nicknames like "lardo" and "fatass"

My scars are the kids who gave me the even cuter nicknames like "anorexic" and "freak" after I lost the weight holding on to me so closely.

My scars are the endless barrage of thoughts to swallow fifteen pills or jump off a freeway overpass

But that can't happen

All my scars have come with a jar of scar cream

Scar cream to fade the stretch marks

Scar cream to speak to without feeling judged

Scar cream that called me beautiful and a friend

Scar cream that saved my life

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