Accused of something that wasn’t true.

Blinded by your stereotypes, I couldn’t

Care less about what you say.

Don’t talk behind my back,

Especially when I’m in the room.

Focus on your work and stop bothering me.

Grind your beef somewhere else.

Having to shield myself against your venom,

I could have stood up for myself, but I let you off the hook.

Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean that I will be your prey.

Know that what you did was wrong.

Learn to respect others or they will

Move away from your

Negativity. That’s the last time that you say something

Offensive to me.

Pick on someone your own size.

Question, why did you choose me as your scapegoat?

Roasting me must make you superior. Truth is, it doesn’t.

Say it to my face next time.

Thanks for making my day fabulous!

Use your words wisely. I want to have good

Vibes this year.

Waste your energy on something else.

Xenon can keep your mind distracted.

You can still apologize for what you said. I have

Zero tolerance for disrespect.



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