But Say, Nay!


Words so sweet, lay false upon the innocent ear...

A blush so deep, the sunset would be jealous.

Words so bitter, claw and bite upon the innocent heart...

Tears so blue, the sky would be jealous.

Words that cripple and repair,

Love and hate,

Destroy and create,

Words that build bridges and those that raise walls...

Words so powerful, the divines would be jealous.

The innocent become black,

Stained by the sinful ink.

See all evil, hear all evil, speak all evil...

Words that alter fate.


But say, Nay!

For all words aren't so full of sorrow!

So hold fast to the words that let you

Fly, dream, and glide!

From your heart to your lips,

To the world and its people.

Your words give you

Power and strength,

Justice and mercy,

A chance to change destiny.

Put jealousy behind, and grasp onto

The language that you hold within you!

Though stained black, for innocence is always lost...

See the truth, hear the truth, speak the truth...

Words that alter fate!





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