Say, Baby, Lego

Nikes on when i touch down,
Cuz ik she like to run rounds,
I aint playin wit, i aint playin in it, straight up
Even brought shots just case u tryna lay up,
Stay up fa da night, we gon get it in like u like
She gon tell her friends what its like
Thinkin bout it since i seen it on skype
I stay up in da clouds, u can barely see my eyes
If you a freak i put some tree up n ya life
I can see it pokin like a needle in da eye
Squeeze up in dem thighs
Sweeter den a pie,
I had ta eat da pussy twice,
I cum and make it rain
Den leave da pussy dry,
6-9 hoe, no 5-0,
No cuffs, but i beat it like a cop
Im tryna see da neck work,
Till ya neck hurt
Imma expert
Fuck you where yo ex work
Just ta make da nigga jealous
She aint thinkin of em
Bust a rubber den get anotha
January baby, so u know that i mean it
I can back it up like defense
She know where im goin
My shoes are all golden,
I run to da money, over and over
And over and over,
She strippin like poker
And thats when i Told her
Under da sheets it aint shit you can tell me,
Turned off da celly


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