Save Me

Save me, tell me I'm not okay

Tell me that the monsters are just in my head

Hold me so I can't reach for the sharp, shiny things.


Save me, tell me you support me

Tell me that I'm loved

Hold me until I can stand on my own.


Save me, promise you'll always be there for those moments

when the world just falls and crashes and burns all around me

and I'm kneeling, just trying to catch my breath. 


Save me, the person who wants to scream so loud that her ears hum,

and all the blood drains from her head, 

making the monsters and the voices and the images just a little bit 

less loud. 


Save me, even on the days when I feel as though

I don't want to be saved, days when I believe that I 

can fix myself...fully knowing that I cannot.


Save me, because you're the only person that can.


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