Save Me

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 11:52 -- Anita

Am I a liar?

Am I a murderer?

Am I responsible?

You were driving home.

You sent a text-

I love you.

I laughed and replied-

I love you more.

But was that a lie?



You never responded because you were gone.

And I am the reason you turned your eyes.

So am I a murderer?

You left so soon without a word.

Eight little letters three little words.

My response could have waited, for I knew you were coming.

But I chose to press send.

So am I responsible?



You are gone now; there is nothing I can do

But cry myself to sleep, and wish you were here with me.

I feel responsible for everything.

I lied I said I loved you

When I am the reason you are gone.

You can’t come back, you’re gone for good.

And sometimes, I wish I could be too.



The pain, the thoughts, the guilt.

I know you

And I know you wouldn’t want this.

So when you are here with me

Remember, don’t answer and don’t look

For I will be here waiting for your return

And if you do, understand:

The pain will find me.

And stay with me.

I will be responsible, I will be the killer.

So save yourself and save me.

Just don’t look.



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