Satisfaction Guaranteed (The Love That Makes Life Awesome)


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Do you ever stop to ask yourself: are you really satisfied?

Are you happy with the way that you live this fleeting life?

Or maybe, you're like me, and you've come to realize

that there's a hunger and a thirst behind every weary sigh;

that we are restlessly just searching for that thing... that Thing...

that would wake us back to life?

You see, I became a monster, always wanting something, but never knowing what,

so I took a little bit of everything, hoping to fill my bottomless cup.

I thought I could drink a little beer or maybe get a little high,

but in all my fake "excitement" I was never satisfied.

So I went to my "friends"-- or, those who were so shallow, all they could talk about were those "less glamorous" than them.

Oh, you didn't know that gossip was a sin? Or did you just use it as a distraction to buy a few more minutes where you wouldn't have to look at your own reflection?

Because that was me-- depressed, hurt, neglected, confused-- but anyways, look at her ratty shoes!

Oh, oh, oh, my heart is so bruised... but let's stop with the sissy talk, and pour me some more booze.



Because there's got to be a point where you lay everything down,

and you decide you don't want that joint to keep being passed around.

You've found that you have no dreams, no ambitions, no crown,

and even if you listen carefully it's as if your heart makes no sound.

So you ask yourself: What's the point of living if you're inevitably hell-bound?

What's the difference between walking around lifeless, or buried 6-feet underground?


...But then.... You hear a whisper, and your heart begins to pound,

because though you lost yourself in this world He says what's lost will soon be found.

And there is no more striving when you can feel Him all around.

Yes, He is peace.

 And His peace was the most vital piece to a puzzle I had been trying to solve my entire life.

I realized I could give up my quest for satisfaction for, in me, He was completely satisfied.

And in all of the pain, the shame, the blame... the moments where I just did not feel the same,

the Maker of the heavens and the earth-- Jesus, that's His Name--

loved me perfectly, beautifully, unconditionally, passionately, unabashedly--

and that is how He loves you.

So you can read this and go on living life through the same hazy eyes,

where the world is your game, and possesions are your prize.

But ask yourself this: Are you really satisfied?

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