What joy and satisfaction it gives me  to see that my words
made a difference in your world .
The simple to Loves , is a path to satisfaction of deep appetite
of you and me that is all over the place of Washington D.C .
our Love sealed the sea .
Is there something in particular that Love has not given to us 
If so let find what it is to get the satisfaction 
of it with our names 
on it for the world of New Jersey to see and read on their job 
of true Love .
Research what it is that we have and discovered they want if to
Love is the satisfaction that makes the world a batter place 
Satisfaction of Love  is better physical in heath of mind body and spirit.
New York City ask for more 
I hear business people talking about how Love can heal the broken 
heart'ed shine a light on the fulfilling the need , desires of a Cinderella
and sleeping beauty of a Love ever after
like You and I .
California to Texas the newspapers has our names init 
The '' employee of satisfaction '' when they read Love is the key  
A film of ideas that is much more interesting than its actual satisfactions .
Love is the heartfelt need that makes air easier to breath 
Love is what the world need , But  you are the satisfaction of me .
Lilly Emery


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