A Sassy Countrywoman

I had been hoping for an affair with a lady who had a trim figure

And a sassy countrywoman got my number from the dating agency

She was the last person I had expected to call me,

For she was below the age range that I had requested

The lady read my profile and she knew that I was 25 years older than her,

But despite our age gap, she came on to me on the phone

Trina said to me, “I’m too young for you, but I think you’ll love me”

I asked her what she liked and what I should do to arouse her

She said, “I want you to make love to me while you tickle my ears”

Even though I repeatedly told her when to contact me,

She insisted on calling and texting me whenever she wanted


Trina had a strong suspicion that I was hiding something from her

And she wanted to know the truth like any other woman would

I told her that I lied to her and I admitted that I hurt her,

But I wanted to impregnate her to make it up to her

She responded, “Let me get this straight; you lied to me and you hurt me”

At that moment she paused to maintain her composure

Then she said, “And now you want to make it up to me by impregnating me”

I replied, “Yes, Trina, but I didn’t want it to sound that way”

She angrily said, “If you think I’d go with that, you must be out of your mind”

And I said, “Don't behave that way, Trina; you know that I love you”

Regrettably, I could not persuade her to continue the relationship


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