We all may grow in different waysDifferent paces under different raysAnd the sun is the key, it is what we needBut there is something else formed inside of meI have been pushed down and out in directionsthat I could not foresee, and all these directionshave shown me that despite all the troubleThat I am a step ahead, ahead of the rubble I was born into darkness and cold and snow;a cactus in a blizzard, there was no way to knowif I could make it, adapt, and thrivebut I surpassed the holes and stayed aliveDepression, the darkest, hit me and remainedBut that I defeated with a sword made of veinsMy blood and my flesh were all that held mebut even those could not contain me I am a tree, I am the leavesAnd I am everything that lies in betweenBut I tell no lies about where I came frombut here I am, sustaining and then someThere are only so many words I can use to describeThe hell and heaven I've seen, and all of the livesI've seen driven down into dirt that was dryBut I'll leave you with this, that past all of the  blight I am not the stars near the moon at night,for I am the moon, and I control the tides.

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