Saphira: My Niece, My Happiness



What I feel when I see her.

A bright and shining smile,

Holds all my love together.

She has me tied around her finger,

Just like her hair-tie holds her hair in place.


It shapes her cute, little, baby face.


The way she wakes up with her lion hair,

Yelling at the top of her lungs,

Makes me want to wake up at 5 in the morning,

Just to hear that song be sung.


I put up with her every mischief you see

Because her giggles and laughs make the world seem so easy.


She pulled me out of a hole I had made for myself

One so dark and cold.

Every time I see her smile,

Every time I watch her play,

I remember those horrible days

 and am so glad she didn’t let me stay


She has the face of my brother

And the spirited soul of her mom

They made me her aunt on the month of March ,

when this little angel was born and introduced to us


Her name is Saphira Marie.

when she was a baby,

without her understanding,

 i promised her something:

that I would follow her to the end of the universe,

Because in my heart there is no one else, but she

What can i say?

She makes me happy










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