Why do i write?

That is a very good question

It all started in sixth grade when it was just my rhymebook and my diary

I always wanted to make music and poetry help expressed the darker side of me

But can a shadow exist without light

Is the moon just the sun of the night

Not only rhyming but I wrote expressing feelings that i never felt before

See sixth grade is when i got close to her

Seventh grade I fell in love but we was too young

She loved me too but wasn't in love so everyone i shunned and into my notebook i wrote my heart and spilled my tears i masked the pain and conquered fears

Away i went as eighth grade i moved

Depression came and haunted me till June

Eighth grade was the darkest of all

I wrote novels of poems and then on a hot stove they should fall 

I used to write love poems at night then walk to the park

Stare at the stars burn the poem then drop it in the pond

Freshmen year I dropped love and wrote about school and weed

Sex and drugs and how they do and dont apply to me

Sophomore year i stopped writing completely 

I had to tell my inspiration how i felt to complete me

I told her and then came the bad news

Instead of picking me my best friend was who she chose

Poetry became an addiction

Became a mix of Poe and Frost but no Hughes didnt go missing

See junior year came and i applied for many jobs

No call backs or nothing so considered selling drugs and going and and robbing

And now we are here with the question left unanswered and its driving me insane

Maybe the answer is i write poetry because it helps keep me sane..


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