Sandpaper Words

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 13:05 -- Jay_M
You’ve done it again with your sandpaper words
As they grate and rasp on the last of my sanity
I was ready again to open up the tapestry of my thoughts
When before it was unfurled, you shredded my clarity
With a blast of heated sandstorm winds
Between our thoughts is such disparity
You kill mine and dismantle the remains
Before I share my mental melody
You misinterpret it’s grand design
Talking to a listener is excellent therapy
I find such truth in my own words
But you twist and add with such absurdity
I hardly trust my tongue to speak
I try to explain with some serenity
But your ears of stone filter away
Every word into immaturity
Till in frustration I start to weep
Which infuriates me, if temporarily
Into silence.
Until the next time I brave your sandpaper words


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