The Sand

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 13:58 -- millie

Stepping on sand, sinking footprints

on the other hand, seashell hints.

Collecting seashells by the seashore,

having a good time, that's for sure!


Thinking that the day is almost over

Mommy's helping me, loving me forever

the soft smooth sand, just like silk,

boy I'm thirsty, how 'bout some milk?!



Squish squash in the wet sand

poof a pearl, rolling in my hand

now a sand castle big as a house

by the day, not little as a mouse!


Ah, the day, the sun is setting

along the way, where I'm heading

anywhere I would like to be

is sitting on the sand by Mommy!


(written when I was nine lol)


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