same ol' same ol'


I fell so hard, not even god could of caught me. 

Had there been a cancer in my body,

your smile would have made it dissapear the moment

You said "hello" and even the hairs on my toes

made a promise to the keepers of eternity

to love you forever

with every tile on the floor between us as our witnesses

love struck the way lightning can only dream of

and I fell

I fell so hard, scientists could have followed me to the center of the earth

not even Earth's rolling furnace

could burn the home I made for you in my heart

should they dig up my body in 100 years after I leave this life

they will find you in my rib cage

keeping the remnants of my heart warm

But when my high comes down

And I've done all I can do with you.

My imagination is gone.

Then I pick myself up.

All the scientists go home.

The keeper's of eternity find something else to keep.

And I wish you'd never said "hello".


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