Samba de Benção

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 19:30 -- 9270056


United States
35° 44' 53.6748" N, 78° 33' 17.0208" W

*As the body moves in motion, the energy becomes its enticed partner without any form of caution.
*Each step is rhythmically taken without discretion but with so much feeling, igniting while mediating the body into great healing.
*The mind never trying to dominate the body, allows for its senses to create true intensity alongside our emotions.
*As the desired music is playing within a pair of attentive ears, thy heart beats with tranquilized although raging blood that enchants and cheers!
*Let one's bodily passion fuse alongside gravity, as thoughts wither and become vanity.
*Dance to differientiate in the direction to be unique, as those who follow in sequence are left behind to decay and become antique.
*Use all technique, encouraging one's self to fall in current of graceful mystique...
*Let your body be embraced by the cultivation of dance through creativity and passion,leaving every movement that thrives interlocked with true compassion.


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