The Sharpening of pencils jams on you,


Having no voice

Not know what to do,

A piece of paper right in front of you,

Thoughts are what you are trying to tame

But writing is a way to explain,

A new voice that is imprinted through a newly sharpened pencil

That help your vision come true

An old way to communicate new ideas

Who knew?

Life is ruled by self doubt and limits,

Sharpening the pencil to continue

As the pencil gets shorter,

Your life does too,

But sometimes people cut in line and sharpen their pencil before you.

Communicate your voice let it be heard

A simple way to talk but never learned.

Sharpening the new pencil is the initiation

But writing your voice is true salvation.

Written By Braeden M Zeitler

This poem is about: 
Our world


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