A Salute to the Wanderer


To eternity and back again.
To see life in a perspective in which only i can give.
Shooting stars and a floating fortress,
Life in jars and watching it go by on porches.
Stories at the tip of every tongue.
Each blink is a moments death.
So before you close your eyes try not to miss it,
but the flip side is this, memories are birthed when the eyes awaken.
Know this, the embarking of the betterment of your life is at hand.
Opportunities are the occasion that must be risen to.
If you only live once why would you want to subtract the little time you have with sedatives.
The instantaneous rate of change of a function with respects to its variable is a derivative.
Simply, dont let the actions of the others change the course of what you want in life.
Living life to the fullest will have its dull moments, treasure them as rest.
You're alive because of the beating heart within your chest.
Take a journey to a place you have never been.
Walk a mile in your own shoes somewhere else.
Place yourself in a predicament in which the outcome is that of the unknown.
Feel the sense of adventure within the marrow of your bones
Adventure is not for the weak and scared'
Its for those who seize the moment and have no cares
No shackles of commitment, no anchors at all.
Who's ships tread the dawn, who night lights are the stars.
what badges of honor made up of scars.
The sky their home and the open road their home.
It it is the open road that calls my name to the unknown.
This life lived is like a lightning bolt in slow motion.
A biography titled " Into the Wild Because Thats Where The Wild Things Are"
That is where i must be.
This is an ode to the Traveler
A Salute to the Wandere


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