He is an aged man

He has an aged mind

His memory is paved

His wife can only sigh


He only ever stands in attention

His hands constantly salute

Many people feel guilt to mention

Pointing out abnormalities is rude


She defends her hubby

She stays by his side

"He always salutes probably to be funny"

But soon she'll know what he hides


Her Uncle in-law visits

His breath stops when he sees the salute

 She says it's just a funny habit

But he decides to finally share the truth


"Let me tell you a horrible story of a young boy."




"Goodbye son, your uncle will be your care."

A tall, pale muscular man walks in

"I'm sure he has many war stories to share."

The boy covers his fear with a grin


His parents leave the silent home

He is only left with a fateful glare

The silence broke

"Come on boy, let's play upstairs!"


"Lets jump on the bed"

The boy thought it would be fun

The uncle grabs the boys head

So the boy cannot run


His arms are held down

As his clothes are thrown off

The boy must scream, instead he only frowns

The uncle had finally had enough


Once the uncle was through

He salutes

"You remember, don't you?"


"A soldier must be strong, 

Never talk about your battle,

Stand in attention,

and Salute like a soldier."


The boy Salutes and stands straight

Gathered tears in his eyes

He is determined to keep strength

So he must not cry




The woman stands up in fury

She slams her palm across his face

Her eyes turn toward her hubby

He returns her glance


Then he stands and Salutes


Her heart shatters

His heart is still torn


He says not a word

She says not a word


She screams out 

Sorrow and rage

The Uncle walks out

She can never look at him the same


He salutes again and again rapidly...





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