For the sake of dead earth and its Inhabitants.


The sunlight beams down on my bruised arm
Bruises heal in the sunlight 
I also wash them  in the water reflected
I touch them and they are numb I am
Here by the water.
And with yet another gust of wind
                                    P                                                     .
                                              E                                     .              .       
                                                       A                   E                
The Evergreens clap their hands
They sing
Like the choir at my black church
Red Robin and Blue Jay are here and I
Can faintly hear them whispering behind me
0< **Chirp** (“who is that one?”)
                               (“The large one by the water hole?”) **Chirp** >0
                             “ITS ME!”
But they fly away
I think they are frightened by my carnal voice 
I suppose they notice it too.
The heavy powdered mess of 
cocaine on my face and the 
marijuana spread over my lips and the
LSD lingering in my hair
               Classes. Boyfriends
             Sex. Game of Thrones
        Should I enlarge my breasts?
             Chocolate. I am so fat
                  College. Friends
      My Aura. They must sense it
Okay. Then let's put it all away.
I plop down by the gentle pool
and breath the water in and out
The Evergreens begin to praise…
                        The gust of wind is 
                        forming around my
    …I'm FEELING the push
A solid rock, my Aura, has fallen into the lake
I say it aloud because I know I am not judged here.
                                Here by the water
                  By the sunlight
                               It grips me 
                 My reflection…. 
                         …. A reflection
                My reflection?
                       Wait… That's me….
                       Wait that's me…
               My reflection.
                             A reflection?
              MY REFLECTION.
                         it grips me…
              By the sunlight
                          Here by the water…
Oh but stupid me decided to take a
fucking phone to the lake, and my
boyfriend is calling now. I have three 
missed notifications on Facebook
(All birthday party invitations, mind you)
I have business to take care of in dead earth
Sorry Red Robin 
Forgive me Blue Jay
But when I look up 
The sunlight has hid itself beneath the clouds.
Bye, then


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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