Sailor Poet

Wed, 08/17/2016 - 11:50 -- ACME

Poetry be my ever abounding channel,

where there's no judges in a panel,

where I can swim without fear of drowning,

where I can abide without ever frowning.

Words and emotions be my ships,

that set sail on the parting of my lips.

Rhyme be my lighthouse bay,

that keeps my ships from sailing astray,

that keeps my ships in the light of the sun,

even when the day is over, done.

Paper be my tranquil water,

that even the tides don't totter,

whose waves are gentle,

some say instrumental.

Ink be my steady flow,

that tells the tale of friend and foe,

that winds, curves, and spins,

until there's no place it hasn't been.

Poetry be my wide open ocean,

whose depths encase untold emotion,

and whose waves set the world in motion.

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