Safety within Schools


United States
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The world has become a place in which nobody feels safe.
Children are trying to fit in with the crowd to not be called names
As bullies are becoming common aspects of the elementary life.
Parents are unable to protect them from these kids
As the teasing just progressively gets worse.
Survival of the fittest is taught in science,
But does that involve humans pawning off each other by torturing others?
Some children come home and cry into their pillows
Not allowing their family to see that they are hurting.
Why me? They have to ask themselves.
Am I different? Do they think that I’m not one of them?
Teachers who are on campus try to protect the kids,
Yet nothing is able to protect them from what they’re feeling.
Home can be a place of comfort,
But it can also be a place of dread.
Every child learns from what they’re hurt by;
However, the safety of home is where they need to go after school.
Those who have contributed their lives to raising them,
Caring and cherishing the little souls within
Is the greatest sense of protection that one can be given.
Until the world can create an environment in which every child feels safe,
And every adult is able to provide safety to those children,
The world is going to remain unsafe and a place of uncertainty.

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