The Sadness of a Can


(no liquid only jelly stuck to the bottom)


The sadness of a can

exists when it's almost empty

No more liquid

but it's not empty

The weight is still there

Pinning it upright

it's not empty

And it won't be

Not without extraneous effort.


But who would rip the can apart

to get what's left inside?

Not me

Not us

Why not?

Why should we?

Too much effort

It's just a can

Just a few cubes of jelly--I can get more


Yes, annoying


can is tossed away                                             can is picked up, held loosely in hands 


I would

I would take the jelly from the can   

I'd fill it with water

Jelly rises to the top

Drink, drink until it's all gone

Still jelly no liquid?

I'd fill it again

And again. And again.

Until the can is whole and empty





It's just a can. It's just jelly

Why put in so much effort?



Sometimes, it's worth the effort



I don't understand.


Maybe one day, you will

Maybe one day, you'll understand

the sadness of an almost empty can

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