Sadness. Screaming loud. In my head the banshee of emotions let loose and shatter the glass of the walls of what once was happiness and hope. Knowing I am not the only one I try to let loose the staggering yelp welling up inside. Trying to let loose this enormous pain chastised on my shoulders. Everyone thinks they are chips sitting there. NO. It is just that the weight of all of the figurative rain from the storm cloud above my head. My eternal sadness welling up in my reality. AHHH!!! Trying to hide my hatred for the world. Bam! The pain and negative thought hitting me like a blow to the side of the head. My brain rattling from the force of the emotions hiding inside.



That feeling is like a raging river pounding over and around everything in its path.  The river of pain slowly erodes and shapes who you are today. 

Do your best to embrace the pain and anguish, it is merely a test of ones will.

You are doing a good job of putting your feelings into the beautiful world of poetry.

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