The Saddest Wish

Crushed at the sight of this disgraceful love 
My heart is a prison of affection 
Hoping that it would be set free 
Wishing to look away from this wrongful right 
Of a love that was never meant to be 
The constant bruising at the sight of this ludicrous affection 
The constant squeezing of the wish that was never granted 
So long ago 
It beats still
but with each beat the pain grows stronger 
the bruises are larger
but the squeezing is still constant
A burning flame of hate will engulf and harden my heart 
So it may endure this pain anymore 
Becoming desolate and alone 
A lone wolf of the mind 
The endless crushing of my heart 
Will be its own dreadful fate 
Forgetting may be long 
But it will be the most painful days 
That anyone will ever endure 
And all for the saddest dying wish


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