What am I doing right now,

Just laying down thinking about you right now, 

You're the only reason I wanna go to school right now,

And I swear to God that I'm telling the truth right now!

All because of sad vibez, they get me every time,

It's a bad time, sad vibez, sad times, yeah!




I remember the lst time I talked to you,

 We maybe texted for an hour or two,

those timez were so good, so good, 

I hung out eith you, damn, as much as I could

But, now everythings sad vibez, every second is a bad time,

sad vibez, tryna fix it with these fast rhymes

fast lines, how do you rly fix it, how, why?



Refrain x2

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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