A Sad State of Affairs

Our world looks mangled and torn.

Like papers shredded and put in the garbage.

Like a car smashed into a sequoia.

Like a house left in ashes after being lit in bright red flames.

Our world is ugly, and cold.

Filled with death and sorrow.

It looks like innocent people dying in Palestine and Israel.

Men, women and children losing the lives of their family members,

Wallowing in misery, only to be killed a few moments later.

It looks like planes disappearing and being shot down,

Hundreds of faultless lives being snatched away,

Families being left in disarray and despair.

Our world looks like








We are being slowly being sucked into the black hole of destruction,

And accepting the grief as normality.

Our world looks dark and heartless.

Our world is despondent.

Our world needs you.

Our world needs us.


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