Sad Girls

Sad Girls.

There are plenty of them in this world.

You can see them in the hallways of your schools,

On the internet posting pictures tinted in dark shades,

Or even in your home.

They’re not hard to come across,

But other girls?

Happy Girls?

That’s a different story.


Many girls believe they are not worthy of happiness, I know I did.

But I do not want to manifest in my own misery.


I want to be one of those girls who are light,

I want to be the girl who goes against the odds,

To be the girl that people love,

Not because I want to feel their affection,

But because they can’t help but to smile,

When they see that I am smiling too.


So instead of being the “Sad Girl”,

Dare to be the girl who says,

“I’m going to be whoever I want to be”

Because that is the way everyone should live,

At least, that’s how I want to.


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