Tears pour out from the reality I try to hide,.

I can't anymore,

My sisters and brothers died.


I sit in school wondering what if that life was me,

I only got two officers at my school,

Some teachers will dodge the bullet for themselves.


Blood does not separate us from being different,

 Bullets do not have a name,

Bullets have a aim that will fire at any time.


If I told you that could have been my life I will not be lieing,

I am shaken by the scene,

But like XXXTENTACTION said people have lucid dreams 


Death have been marked,

I'm glad I was not the target,

Someone took the stand by themselves without blaming even though society is changing.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Monica Bell

I really like this. It is very well written but I do suggest that you rhyme in the middle instead of the beginning. I think it would flow better that way.


Thank You

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