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Sickly sweet,
You pull me in,
with that grin,
that saccharine smile.

Don't smile at me like that,
don't ask for my name,
don't tell me yours,
I don't want to know,
the name to that saccharine smile.

Don't say you care,
don't you dare,
Don't put your arm
around my shoulder,
keep that saccharine smile.

Don't hold me tight,
don't wish me good night,
don't touch my hair
or hold my hand.
I don’t want that saccharine smile.

Don’t ask me out,
don’t text me ‘til dawn,
don’t tell me your secrets,
don’t let me tell you mine
and need that saccharine smile.

Don’t send me flowers,
don’t hold my hand at the scary parts,
don’t make me laugh,
don’t dance with me
and flash that saccharine smile.

Don’t look at me that way,
don’t look so cute,
don’t lean in
with half-closed eyes
and let me touch that saccharine smile.

Don’t make me blush,
don’t make me smile,
don’t pull me aside
and tell me you love me
and make me love that saccharine smile.

Don’t turn away,
don’t shrug your shoulders,
don’t go to another girl
and leave me here
missing that saccharine smile.


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