Série De Eventos Infelizes

If I could be burned up and thrown away, 

Rolling down in the rear end of a canon,

I tried to seize all these spectres, 

I’m so scared that it all dissipates, 

Unveil to me your image,

And please….., 

Write down my misery……

If I could be the sky, 

I’d fall down upon this chaotic world, 

So I tried to get up and push, 

This birdcage of an existence away, 

You’re aware of how cruel, 

The reality we’ve lived through,

Unveil to me your image,

And please…..,

Satirise my tragedy…..

I recognise the days….

I recognise the days…

We swept through….

I’m chasing your picture, 

I’m trying to reach your silhouette, 

Far, far, and never in my reach.

Far and never in my reach.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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