Rustic F-150

Different I am,

a mind of my own.


 I remember,

a modest man,

his children loved me.

 Sold me to a preacher,


beat me, deterioration sets in,

not a care.

Internals too strong, unbreakable,

he knew this.


Working day in and day out,

Traded… for a carburetor...


Relieved to be out of that god forsaken place.


An honest Christian,

cleaned my scars,

replaced fragile parts,

& sold again.


Admired with what I’ve become,

Mr. Young & Handsome,

promises to rebuild me,

restore my body to factory spec.


I am old,

I am rusty,

but I will last forever.


Guide that inspired this poem: 



My favorite part of this poem is pretty much the entire poem.

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