Russian Roulette

Her smile was as warm
As a summers night
With the moon shining
In the candle light
She had no flaws
None that i could see
Or at least i thought
So i played for fun
But soon her love was my drug
And i was becoming a loaded gun
I needed her taste
Her scent, her scene
I needed her life
Because she was apart of me
Then the night didn't look so young
And the stars weren't shining so bright
So i pushed my first bullet
Into the chamber
Each day i lied next to her
A bullet went in the pistol
I clocked the glock
Cocked it back
And let my head drop
Down at her smile
Down at her face
And pulled her close to me
In her slumber i kissed her lips
"forever baby" i whispered
And before it was too late
I pulled the trigger of our deciding fate

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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