This battle of love is like Russian Roulette  
You never know when its will end 
I just take in another breath of who is right 
who is going to wine this fight tonight 

I take in another deep sigh 
even though that is weakness in his eye's
The calm is on hand when he tells me we 
are at our ends 
But when did it ever begin 
I cried another time with tears in my eyes 

This love is a game of Russian roulette 
you never know when this love will end 
The unknown is what I hold in this loves zone 
you play a game you call love  
Get ready for the end the rush of us 

To much pain 
lost running in the dark with so much regret 
we even meet 
You play for keeps that I can see 
You like to see me bleed 
Your love you given me is taking a gun to your head 

You may feel  you have the upper hand in this fight 
You walk around like a big clown 
with a look on your face like you are loss your mind 
another time 
This dark love is the death to come 
with my heart on the run 
my finger and the trigger on the cylinder of the revolver 
with only one bullet in it 

Your almost out of time 
I am losing my mind 
To be play a hand of Russian Roulette with you 
Your dark love is making me sick
the time is on tic tack on the clock 
Boom the gun gone off 
I'm still holding on to another day with you 

It's your turn too puts your heart on run ,
casing the bullet 
That's no fun 
No time to think your still running in shame 
Blood shaded pain of a game of Russian Roulette

The cry's of a slow death that has not come yet 
The beating of our hearts 
Of who's right who's wrong 
this old song keeps beating along  
I’m terrified, but I’m not leaving yet until this sick game  
Is over of You and I 
Our love is a game I could never win 
A game of Russian Roulette 

I looked and I told him 
I will say a prayer for you 
because I will not let go with out a good hand 
He says close your eyes because this is it time 
Sometimes it helps just to hear him crawl  
And then I get a scary thought it all 

This dark love is so  means 
I am about to lose it all 
As my life flashes before my eyes 
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise 
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye 
But it’s too late too pick up the value of my life
and play what is at hand 
Then I looked back and he was gone

Russian roulette is terrifying
even when the gun is made of pixels
Maybe he might  had consider eating sushi from
a revolving conveyor
belt as the equivalent to playing Russian roulette 
This Love is a game of death

Lilly Emery



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