Russia Vs Ukriane

need for more and more,

that´s called greed,

greed is something you feed and feed,

greed is a want not a need,


their land, your land, my land, our land,

land of the the free home of the brave,

make your voices loud and clear,

 Russia feeds off other people´s fear,


A war is closer than near,

it´s more than just talk,

it´s already here,

now that´s a hard path to walk,


guns drawn and soilders ready,

people fleeing,

the economy is no longer steady,

bombs and dead bodies is what the children are seeing,


It tis the battle of Russia Vs Ukraine we speak about,

Trump appraises Putin-two peas in a pod,

Ukraine will not be taken over that I have no doubt,

Trump and Putin think and act like they want to be god,


stand on your own soil,

they are raising the prices for oil,

the war continues to boil,

Putin and Trump are not royal,

as for Trump to your own side and people you should always remain loyal.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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