Runner In The Family!


 There are many things that make me think. Where to go, what to eat, what will to me in the future. Sometimes I feel like I might sink if I don't find the link between my questions and my life. Round and Round my mind goes as I take another step in this long jog. Through the neighborhood, through the forest, I feel the wind go through my fingers. I begin to ponder about my past yonder.  The Oldest of us three, Tanika, is strong and compassionate. Iv'e always wondered if I can be as successful as her. She fills her days with work and her nights are victim to laughter with her best friend, Noelle.  I think about my sister mostly because I miss her. Boom! Bam! Pop! The middle of us three, Latoya, well when I was little, her impish attitude would destroy-ah. She's grown since long ago and now is a nurturing mother.  She calls me knuckle-head even though I am a wiz. I think about this sister of mine most of the time because I miss her.  Mom and Dad are my my supreme advocates. Whatever I do they'll support me until I'm through.  Through thick and thin, storm and rain, they let my voice be heard so I can never feel silence's pain.  Every step I take through this jog I call life someone is there I can depend on.  Sometimes the race speeds up and I try to keep up While other times it slows down. No matter what when the finish line is near, I will never approach it with a frown. 

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