The Runner

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 02:22 -- AmiyaJ

Run Run Run as fast as you can.  Don't stop don't ever stop till the end <br />line break Sweat Vomit tear gust wind it I'm so farr from the end .But I can't stop I can't she closing in quickly her sweat is with me..Oh no it's in meNo No No, Run Run Run! As fast as you can. Don't stop don't ever stop till the end.Leg's tense..eyes clinging she there I can feel her,Eyes open, I'm awoken and closed in a mind that says stop it's over My body says stop, the mintues flock, like a clock I'm docked Almost there.. No You're done times up. RACE IS OVER.LAST PLACE
crowds cheering, my eyes are teary ,heart is beating, the medal is a memory.Done I Give Up. I run home.bedroom.door.shut.slam.boom.Only to find out later the race was recorded?Tears are wiped..hands are shaking...Fingers alive..Play. Rewind Stop. Mmm a mistake? No I deny that I was too focused on the girl in front of meI'm awaken to now see seven others have passed me,No no I rewind . stop. play again.  No no no you haven't failed you won that race.In the end the race was over and kept running.What.Have.I.Done. Last Place Race is over.The memories.The dreams.the vison and wishinHm  am I really somethinI'm sleeping the race is there again I can't diss itOh no no I'm running again Stop Stop awake I scream MOM!What is this feeling..I can't seem to let go I'm running again help me.Failure. I can't stop it's now apart of me.The moment I hated is all over me. Last place race is over.  Last place race is over. Last place race is now over and you truly have won.As I lay down, I remember the words that ran down me like a sweat flavor Run run run as fast as you can.Don't stop ,Don't ever stop till the end.Race is now offically over, you have reached the end.And hmm failure is what I will face now and until the end.   

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