Run With the Moon

You run with the moon to escape from the sun

But where are you going, what are you running from?

Is it truly the sun or the promises it holds?

The illuminating rays, the gleaming gold

It sears through the comfort the darkness brings

Revealing the truth about any and everything

Can you look at it without burning your eyes?

Or will you ultimately reach your untimely demise?


You fly with the moon to escape from the sun

Turn your eyes too soon and you’ll become undone

Darkness overwhelms you so that finally you can see

Showing the path of who you are and ought to be

Insanity, solemnity, immortality—your mind cries out

You run all the faster to see what it’s all about

The sun is catching, its fire erupting all around

Yet the moon’s pale light still shines upon the ground


You sprint with the moon to escape from the sun

Wondering what’ll happen when all’s said and done

You don’t know what path to take and you’ve already realized

That colors in front of your eyes swirl and shimmer with disguise

And suddenly there’s a darkness upon you that’s streaming in light

You flinch away, shielding your eyes from things that are too bright

Covering yourself up with shadows, deeper still you hide

Not knowing that the blinding light has already flickered and died


You lope with the moon to escape from the sun

Hoping and praying that this will soon be done

Your sight is sharp, your eyes set, and your goal grim

But the colors are your friends and you know they will never dim

Except sometimes you close your eyes and you can’t see

Terrified, you scramble for sight in vain, then turn tail and flee

No more colors, no more sun, no more hope, and no more light

Wearily, you recognize that it’s not worth it, never worth it to fight


You race with the moon to escape from the sun

Finally out of breath you struggle to keep on and run

The sun is still gaining and the moon is slowing

You look behind you and finally see the sun glowing

And suddenly it occurs to you that no matter the cost

If you don’t know where you’re going you can’t get lost

And so you stay with the moon to wait for the sun

Gone is the fight, your battle finally won

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