Run for a Cure

Blisters sweat and Tears
Facing all your fears
With every step you take
Gets you closer to your fate
Thousands of thoughts run through your head
Find that one that you don’t dread
Remember that you do if for the kids
Who fight to live but cancer forbids
It’s up to you to get the job done
So let’s find a cure and continue to run
Forget the pain
Remember Cancer still reigns
The broken pieces we can mend
But we need you to finish in the end.
Nobody said it was easy
Run that marathon, don’t be queasy.
Without you there is no hope
So push through the pain and learn how to cope
You are their savior, an angel sent from above
Finishing that race will spread so much love
Keep pounding the pavement and never give up
26 miles is just a hiccup

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