Rumor has it

Rumor has it

Im a mess

Disorganized, depressed

Im a lost cause

A failure at best.

Rumor has it

He was ruining me

He danced across the pavement

where my heart had smashed so violently

He picked me up

and threw me down

Guided me down the alley

where all my nightmares became reality.

Rumor has it

He loves me

That his past was nothing but a memory.

But Im niave and foolish

And that's all Id ever be

Rumor has it

I was blind

Ignorant to the signs

Of the lowest form of a man

I had let into my life.

Im ugly, eat too much, and talk to loud.

I deserve nothing, get nothing and no other man

would ever take me

Rumor has it

He has a past

One of terror and abuse

One I was told to accept and believe

But I refuse

Rumor has It

Im unreachable

untouchable and impossible to find

Im covering things up

makeup and long sleeves

Hair made pretty and clothes to a T

Rumor has it

I finally realized

I was losing my grasp 

That I was beautiful, eat just enough, and talk just right.

That I deserve everything

and any other man

would be lucky to be mine.

Rumor had it

I was a mess

disorganized, depressed

I was a lost cause

A failure at best.

Rumor had it he ruined me

Truth is im finally free.









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