rules of love

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 00:42 -- puffin

I am frustrated with these conventions
Which dictate love and romance.
Namely, assuming that warmth and adoration
Must necessarily be an amorous advance.

I don't like to confuse;
I'm not being coy.
I hate letting someone down,
Because I don't see them as a toy.

I know pain and heartbreak,
I know that sting of rejection.
In generating that, I'd rather not partake,
So I glare in contempt at these conventions.

I'm addicted to doting.
It's euphoric to care.
But it's well-worth noting
That romance isn't necessarily in the air.

I admire my idols deeply.
I love each and every one of them.
I don't say that cheaply;
My adoration can't be hemmed.

I read and reread every work,
I carry their lessons close to my heart.
Responsibilities I'd gladly shirk
To listen to those human pieces of art.

Many aren't household names,
Though some are touched by fame.
But my respect isn't a game,
Although I do like to acclaim.

I worry over misfortunes that may befall them;
If I could, I'd see to their every comfort.
I consider them absolute gems,
And each sentence is a beautiful concert.

It verges upon hero worship,
But I'm not blind to their flaws.
I may even disagree, but the fellowship
Won't so easily be withdrawn.

And I respect privacy --
Those rights are paramount.
Though, perhaps there's a bit of lunacy
In hoping they're at peace right now.

And as for my friends --
And indeed, strangers alike --
I love trying to comprehend
What their thoughts are like.

I love those deep conversations,
I love periodically checking in.
I love hearing their aspirations,
And I love seeing a happy grin.

And as for love, I commonly use the word
And I am sincere.
But most misinterpret to what I refer,
Which makes things unclear.

It's not that I'm disinterested in romance,
But I'm not trying to pursue it with so many;
In the same sense, I wouldn't eat pie at every chance,
But that doesn't mean I don't want any.

I simply don't want to be misconstrued.
I won't perpetuate an idea that's untrue.

I often feel platonic love of a resolute sort,
Just as brothers feel to one another.
My good will isn't meant to court,
Only to show support for others.


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