Ruined Girl


You made me feel like I was queen,

No matter what was said you would be there to pull me back to my feet,

Like I was something special,

You were the first person to ever make me feel this way,

Then when I realized it was all just an illusion

A simple mist in my imagination,

Then the fun ended

I hit the concrete with a cold hard awakening,

You left me stranded to die alone,

There to cry myself to sleep at night,

It hurt like hell to hear you say " I was Just a toy"

Somthing you could play with

Someone who you wantedo bask in your misery with,

You ruined me.

I am no longer the girl with those bright eyes or beautiful smile,

I am now the girl drowning in tears at night,

Who can barely breathe at the simple thought of what we had

The girl who deep down, is slowly dying

The worst thing is that you will never know,

You will forever more think of me as the girl you threw to the side and didn't hurt,

I am so much more than that, you see

I will forever more be the girl you ruined...




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