His name was Agape. He had a fascinating mind. It was dark but when beams of light would shine through the broken glass that had sunk deeper and deeper into his skull over the years, it was beautiful. You could see endless amounts of empathy in his eyes. But sometimes his eyes would glaze over and you would see the years of loneliness that had left violent rips in his soul.


Her name was Perniciem. She had a way with words that could make even the numbest of people feel something. She tried to put others before herself & always had the best of intentions. But every now and then, those good intentions broke the people around her, and under the breakage, began the obliteration of herself. She had learned that if she waged war on herself she would be less likely to wage war on others.


He had given her all of the love that he could collect from his heart, but there were heart strings that had been torn & it seemed as if he was only holding on by a thread. Sometimes he struggled to show her the depths of what he felt for her but the adoration he held was unconditional & shook the universe around them. He knew she was capable of destruction but he risked the chance of those few last heart strings being ripped in a million different directions.


She gave him every piece over herself. She gave him the shattered memories and she gave him her broken mind. The only thing that seemed to work anymore was a beating muscle hiding under skin and bone, and even that struggled to cooperate most nights. She taught herself not to depend on others but she couldn’t help but to cling to him. He was the only thing that made her feel sane. But she was like broken glass, every time someone tried to clean her up, they got cut.


The love they had for each other never went by unnoticed. You saw such admiration in their eyes every time they focused on each other. When one spoke, the other took in every word with reverence. She felt safe and he felt whole. Something that neither of them experienced when they were apart. The love they held onto was fierce and moving.


But they were afraid, she was afraid of hurting him and he was afraid of the pain and as he was cleaning up the shards of glass, a piece had found a way into his skin. She had caused him to bleed. She began to shatter because of what she had done, and every time she broke a little more, pieces of glass found way to pierce every soft spot they could find on him. She saw him bleeding out so she waged war on her arms so he wouldn’t bleed alone.


After what seemed like thousands upon thousands of days of not speaking to each other, they had both changed. He was scared, but he never would show it. She was full of self hatred that ran through her veins like poison. But he was her antidote and she was his lighthouse that saved him from the fog in his mind. She was even more broken than before but his love for her never changed so he began to glue the broken parts back together. She couldn’t help but collapse. She didn’t understand. After everything that she had done, he still wanted her. He still loved her. Unconditionally.


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