Rubber Band Man


There goes the rubber band

Not much of a story? Let me start from the top

Its the story of a young man


Pulled in all directions

Angered about the focus of his affections


Also angered at everything else

His emotions abandoned their previous state of stealth


He was just full of untapped negative energy

Pools so deep, when at the bottom you can no longer see


Just raw emotion

Handing out endless devotion


To those he knew to be unworthy

It killed him to think others thought he would work for free


Consumed by a pseudo of a relationship

He didn't have the strength to get out of it


Well truthfully he didn't have a better option to choose

And all this emotion he swears left a bruise


He bent over backwards

He carefully chose his words


He used all his energy

He found it hard to see


He didn't fight back

He broke his emotional back


He popped his rubber band

He was just a man


He died inside

He just acted like he was alive


He is I

I am he

All that turmoil, why?

You see


Its one thing to be oppressed

And powerless to get out of the mess


Its an entirely different situation when the power is available

But in the process will black out the block's power, phones, and cable


So much responsibility 

Actions must be tempered with civility


So the choice

Die and hope to be a hero

Or become a villain with a creepy voice

Choose between Julius Caesar and Nero


But history would look no different

My life is of no consequence


A concerned friend would try to tell me that I'm important and people care

Opinions on this topic we don't share


Yes I have untapped potential to achieve greatness

Yes I have the ambition and the prowess


But I am tormented inside

This truth I can no longer hide


I have anger issues

I've been subject to misuse


I feel like I don't belong

We are not attracted to the same kind of song


It started out as just being indifferent 

But it turned into getting detached from reality and just emotionally spent


Leading to depletion

And thus deletion


Of my self

I used to dream of power, change, and wealth


Now I don't dream

My head is too busy turning my anger into steam


Thats figurative

But when my emotional rubber band snaps how can I live?


I found that the answer

To how I could be this cancer


Is to let it all out

No punches held or self doubt


I could turn all the rage

Into beautiful words on a page


Now I'm addicted

To helping others who are afflicted


Because I know what its like to be alone

With a heart of stone


But poetry helped soften my heart

It now explodes with passion to fix the things that have fallen apart


So to best explain what goes on, I'll take the onomatopoeia from the top


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