Lemme tell y'all a story

About how the rhythm of a young girls

heart beat trembled at her feet.

She grew up in a town where knowledge

wasn't praised but beauty was key.

Young boys started telling her lies,

Just to get her in the sheets.

But she still had something

that no one else had,

She was labeled as a queen,

Since the age of five.

Her crown was misplaced,

Displaced by the devil's mate.

Strapped away from her like

The Joker's face.

She learned that

Beauty isn't nothing

but thick thighs and blue eyes.

Beauty is about making it to the finish line.

Beauty isn't compromise.

Beauty is only seen through the devil's eye.

Beauty is lies and hopeless cries.

Beauty is that red white and blue flag striped away from that black child.

Beauty is associated with white supremacists,

structured to disfocus us from our black identity.

Young black queens,

We must rise and go claim our prize.

Because beauty isn’t nothing once that face is erased.

Beauty is why we are keeping them chains in the same place.

This poem is about: 
My community


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